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Waiting rooms and common areas provide medical centers and hospitals with an opportunity to engage, inform and educate visitors using AV technology such as digital displays. As the healthcare industry continues to make technological strides, it’s important that patient experience is just as innovative. Digital signage and video walls can be a key contributor to creating a calmer, more inviting space while waiting for care.

Patients and their families are often under great stress when they are in a healthcare facility, especially the Emergency Department. Whether they are the patient or a loved one, chances are high they are dealing with increased anxiety and might be worried about the outcome of the visit. In waiting rooms and other high-traffic areas with long dwell times, a large digital display can make a big difference in perceived wait times and patient satisfaction.

With this idea in mind, the Covenant Health team began brainstorming how they might positively transform the Emergency Department patient waiting room. “The main goal was simple: to enhance the overall patient experience by providing a comforting and serene space while waiting for care”, noted Walt Cathey, CEO of Covenant Medical Center.

Covenant Medical Center knew their longtime, trusted AV partner, Lubbock Audio Visual, Inc., was the best design-build integrator to guide them through the process, help them select the perfect AV solution and integrate new technology. Lubbock AV designed and installed two different size video walls for the Adult Emergency Department waiting room. The larger of the two was a 15-screen media wall in a 5×3 configuration with landscape-mounted displays and a native resolution of 9600 x 3240 pixels.

Both Lubbock AV and the Covenant Health team knew they needed an experienced and reliable creative group to produce the quality, variety and quantity of video wall content necessary to bring their vision to life. After researching creative agencies specializing in digital signage and video wall content production, Lubbock AV discovered our work through the AVIXA network. We wasted no time creating a Pre-Visualization (or PreVis) to show Covenant Health and Lubbock AV, which consisted of various content design options for their new video walls, well before the hardware was even ordered. This creative and collaborative approach met Covenant Health’s vision, and we were soon on-board as the creative agency for the project.

The content planning and strategy was a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders and was guided by our team. The goal was to produce a variety of content including historical footage, health trivia, digital art, long-form stories, branding animations and seamlessly loopable, custom content such as a rock waterfall, night sky, fields of flowers and other calming scenes.

The immersive, therapeutic digital experience that is now engaging families and patients, is helping to lessen the stress during hospital visits. The video walls have certainly been a key contributor in creating a calmer, more inviting atmosphere for patients and loved ones.

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