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Render Impact is the creative division of Specialized Productions, Inc. which was born in 2004 as an Audio Visual Design Company. SPI started out by providing large-scale, comprehensive Audio Visual & Digital Signage System design and consulting services for casinos, resorts, hotels and other large properties.

In 2006, SPI began creating motion graphics and animated videos for digital signage after one of our clients had asked us what they should put on their new digital displays. SPI’s video content agency, the creative division, was later re-branded as Render Impact and has grown steadily since those early days. We now provide a myriad of animation and motion graphics services for all sorts of digital formats to clients all over the United States and several other countries.

Think of us as down the hall.

To our clients, they feel we are an integral part of their technical and creative teams. Our clients rely upon us like we’re in an office down the hall. In fact, most of our clients consider us their digital design back office or an extension of their marketing and advertising department.

Working together, we will develop a custom, animated design to fit your digital application and effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, high quality design and speedy turnaround.

Who we work with.

Marketing Departments: We work with marketing and advertising departments to help bring their collateral to life using motion graphics and animation. They understand the value of using high quality, engaging video to promote their products and services.

Agencies: We work with ad, marketing and graphic design agencies of all sizes to help them provide a broader range of services. The result? A value-added service they can seamlessly integrate and offer to their clients.

Digital Media Specialists: We work with digital media specialists who manage networks of digital signage displays, online media channels and video advertising platforms. They turn to us to fill their screens, playlists and online ads with professional, engaging motion graphics videos.

Technology Vendors: We work with technology vendors such as AV integrators and display manufacturers. They want their screens to shine and their customers to see the screens’ full capabilities.

Anyone, really! We can work with any business or brand to create a visual experience that will engage your audience and compel them to take action.

We believe that content is king.

Content is the key driver for digital display formats – no matter the size, shape or location. The technologies involved allow for some very exciting visual experiences, but you need dedicated and skilled people to help maximize your content with motion graphics and animation – this is where Render Impact can help.

What makes us different?

We sweat the small stuff. Successful design demands the creative and technical expertise to conceive, build, and deploy strategically focused, engaging video content. Your business deserves to be relevant. It’s what your audience wants. We use this understanding as the platform to provide the thinking, tools, and talent to help you switch on the life of your brand.

Our Process


We listen to your objectives and goals to understand the story you wish to convey along with your target audience, deadline and budget requirements.


We work out all the visual elements of the video. We develop a visual style that fits your message and conveys what the end result will look like.


Our super talented motion graphic designers bring the story or campaign to life using animation and sound production (if needed).


The animated video is exported based on your technical requirements and delivered to you. Now the video goes to work for you!

The Results

Enhanced Visual Message

Engaged Target Audience

Increased Brand Awareness

More Traffic & Conversions

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