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We understand that keeping your casino players engaged and ensuring they have a positive experience is paramount to any effective strategy. Optimizing your digital displays on property can make a huge impact on the success of your marketing efforts.

Grab the attention of your casinos guests and inform them about upcoming promotions, events, jackpots, dining, entertainment and more! Playing animated video content on your digital signage displays will heighten the entertainment experience, engage players and drive more revenue.

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Animated Videos for Promotions, Events, Amenities, Dining and more!

Your digital signage content needs to grab the attention of your audience in order to be effective. Static images simply will not draw their attention and quickly becomes wallpaper in a busy casino environment.

Animated digital content consistently attracts 4X to 6X the number of viewers compared to the equivalent static posters. Additionally, audiences who view video are nearly 2X more likely to take action.

We produce hundreds of animated digital signage videos every month for our casino clients. We will bring your art files to life on your digital signage displays, using motion graphics and animation. The videos we produce for your displays will motivate your players to act. Promotions, events, amenities, dining, hotel, player’s club, nightlife, spa – you name it, we’ve created dynamic video content for it!

TV Commercials

We produce high quality, engaging TV Commercials for many of our casino clients. Instead of sending a crew to shoot on location, we prefer to work with all of the assets you currently have such as b-roll footage, logos, campaign art files, music and a script. Our team will then storyboard, animate, produce, edit and deliver the final cut to you (after approval, of course). This methodology will save you precious time and money while producing the same result.

TV Commercials can then be re-purposed for internal digital displays, social media, in-room hotel channels and more.

Video Walls

Whether you’re in need of artistic, environmental or advertising content, we have the design capabilities to ignite your video wall and captivate your target audience. Content is king, especially when you’re talking about video walls. You’ll need to get it right and we’re here to help.

We know you’ve invested a lot of money into your video wall. In order to get your return on investment, you need stunning visuals to attract, motivate, inform and entertain your most important assets – your customers. Working together, we will develop a custom solution to optimize your video wall and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Jackpot Celebrations

Get your entire casino floor excited when a jackpot hits! Custom, attention-grabbing jackpot celebrations will heighten the entertainment experience and make all your patrons feel part of the winning excitement.

We can create jackpot animations designed to display real-time jackpot amounts, allowing you to set triggers and congratulate winners.

Custom Jackpot Animations

Triggered Videos Display Amount Won

Big Winners Video

In-Room Channel

Enhance your guests’ experience by extending your brand and reach to the in-room TV’s. Inspire experiences and communicate your brand by promoting your amenities, services and events.

We can produce engaging videos for your in-room channel that will inform your guests and get them excited to experience everything your casino resort has to offer.

Property Overview

Dining Overview

Rewards Overview

Upcoming Entertainment

Sports Stadium / Arena & Sponsorship Branding

It’s all about fan engagement! The rapid growth of digital displays in sporting venues has revolutionized spectator experiences. At the same time, it has provided a huge opportunity for advertisers and sponsors to make a visual impact with digital signage at the core of the fan experience.

We have creative video solutions to fit your needs and engage fans. Working together, we’ll design custom motion graphics for your campaign that will influence the purchases and behaviors of fans. From LED ribbon boards to video scoreboards and fascia screens to center-hung video displays, we’ve done it all.

Outdoor LED / Marquee Signs

Playing high quality video content on your outdoor LED or Marquee sign presents a huge opportunity to dramatically impact your drive-by or walk-by audience and create calls-to-action. Whether your LED display is intended for casino decor or outdoor signage, we have the recipe and skills to produce content that will get the most return out of your investment.

Digital Menu Boards

Take your menu to the next level and build high value customer experiences with digital menu boards. Digital menu boards influence customers during the point of purchase, improve ambiance and are easy to read. Let us create your next custom, animated digital menu!

Slot Top Denomination Animations

Why use boring, static graphics on your slot top denominations when you can use dynamic animations? Bring even more excitement to your casino floor by using 3D-animated, slot top denominations to match any style or theme you can imagine!

Slot Machine Touch Screen

Need a high-impact, motion graphics video for your slot machine screens? You’ve come to the right place! We have extensive experience creating engaging attract videos and content for iView/DM, nCompass and IGT Service Window slot machine screens. Interact with your players and promote upcoming events using the screens on your slot machines.

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